Custom Micro Pages


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This was originally a grumpy post. Today I am grump, I don’t want to work or do anything. I was idly scrolling the NeoCities activity feed when I saw THICC TOROKO and I’m like

this is fine

![is toroko thicc? inquiring minds wish to know](/microblog/images/2020-08-06-custom-micro-pages-128aa30f.png)

And my day was better after that and I decided to work on my site and make it possible to assign custom css to microblog single pages. I am still working on the underlying Hugo template, which needs to be redone, but I can now easily link custom CSS in the frontmatter.

I was reminded of this idea the other day by marjinflorence’s linkroll inspirations

"The idea that each page could just be its own self-contained creative little thing without any need for clunky navbars or a uniform imposed style was so, so liberating to me..."

When it comes to personal design tenets, aesthetics fall behind usability and ease-of-updating, but I would like to reach a point where making a custom styled blog entry is something I can regularly do with my current workflow.