Compost Report and Plans


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My compost is great thanks for asking.

Now that I’m using old protein powder containers to hold the greens I’ve found that taking out 2 full containers is just right in terms of frequency (it doesn’t feel like a constant chore) and composition. That’s about a week, and the previous week’s scraps are mostly gone thanks to the thriving worm population. Even things like avocado pits, which are the baddest dudes in the pile, are broken down in several weeks. I was impressed at how quickly an efficient pile can break down organic waste. It’s really something.

I ran out of leaves (!!) however, so the pile is not as rich as it could be. The problem was we piled all the leaves up in an area that washed out when there were torrential rains, so our leafy gold was whisked away and I was left scrounging for brown material for my compost pile the last two months.

My goal this fall is to expand the existing compost bed and build an adjacent hugelkulture for breaking down wood and brush and temporarily storing the leaves. I’d also like to set up trenches where I can try more advanced composting (specifically meat, bones, bread).

Finally, I started looking for more compostable surprises… basically materials that can be composted that I didn’t think about before. I learned about PLA plastic, which is theoretically biodegradable although in some cases industrial composting is required. These are marked #7 and I don’t think I’ve ever seen them before, but if I come across one I will put it in the pile to see how long it takes. Also… it turns out mealworms eat styrofoam? I haven’t looked too closely into it, I will always have a use for styrofoam pellets as packaging, but that was an interesting find.