Thrift Report 11


Mood 🎲Ritual Game Acquisition
Tags Tabletop Games

Starship Troopers I hadn’t been to the thrift store in a while so I stopped by on my day off and got quite the interesting haul. First, I picked up a copy of an old Avalon Hill bookcase wargame, Starship Troopers, for $2. Needless to say I did not even bother checking the tokens, but while they are punched the game seemed mostly unplayed. What was interesting to me about this one, aside from the sci-fi theme, is it is 1 to 2 players.

Pente Anniversary Edition I also picked up serviceable copies of Checkers and Pente for $2 each. We have a set of big, chunky checkers I picked up a few years ago but we didn’t have a decent small version. It’s one of the classic games collections you’d buy at Target or somewhere similar for $10 with wooden pieces and a decent folding board.

Pente is the 20th anniversary edition, and all that means is the board doesn’t fold and it comes in a REALLY huge box with a massive spacer. This is annoying, but since this is the first copy I’ve seen at thrift I took it. It gave me the idea to try hanging or otherwise mounting abstract game boards on the wall, partly for decoration and partly for utility since that will make them easier to see.

I also found a random little bag that had a star-theme Rubix cube and a really odd deck of playing cards that is shaped like candy corn (oblong). I got these on a chance, because I couldn’t see them well in the bag, and when I opened it I realized all the cards have black ink and are really thin and flimsy. So yay for unorthodox card shape, boo for everything else.