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The fact I haven’t updated the site in like 4 months has not escaped me, I’ve been meaning to do a batch upload for like a month. In December there always ends up being a mad dash to use paid time off I didn’t get around to taking, so I took off today. Minnow recently went to part-home/part-school schedule so it has been a blend of helping with that and trying to figure out what the heck I’ve done over here.

I think I broke a CSS style somewhere but I dunno, it kind of adds to the charm. (It doesn’t actually, I just can’t be bothered to track it down right now.)

I’m also trying to catch up on NeoCities, it seems like every time I return to the activity feed there has been a flurry of new sites added. Looking for new 88x31 buttons can be a fun way to unwind because I go down all sorts of rabbit holes. I found 90 (!!) more today just idly surfing on breaks. A couple of quick links:

x14km2d has an interesting post on comments and their worth, or lack thereof.

Zonelets is a simple blogging engine you can host on Neocities.