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What do idle hands do this time of year? They duckduck for a new Arudino handheld project of course. Alojz Jakob’s Tamaguino is an Arduino Tamaguchi clone built for ATmega328p, so we can use an Uno, Nano or Pro Mini. I plugged everything into the Nano for a preliminary test, but had issues with the screen being cut off. Some searching revealed the solution on the project page:

Adafruit_SSD1306.h settings for your 128x64 display

Recent issue is that Adafruit libraries grown in size, and the Tamaguino code can’t fit in the Arduino… The solution is to downgrade the Audafruit_SSD1306 lib to 1.1.2, and downgrade the Audafruit GFX lib to 1.1.5, After downgrading, it will upload to Arduino.

Solution to this is well explined in Guide by Thomas Fendrich. Many of you using OLED for the first time asked me by email about the same issue. Tamaguino works but graphics is broken! Issue is that in Adafruit_SSD1306.h default setting is to use this library with 128x32 displays, so you need to find your library file and modify it as follows:

#define SSD1306_128_64 //#define SSD1306_128_32 //#define SSD1306_96_16

instead of the default one: //#define SSD1306_128_64 #define SSD1306_128_32 //#define SSD1306_96_16

Neat thing, but you know I hate tiny screens. I have a 1.3 SPI OLED (SH1106) and there is a version called TinyGameCorner for this, but I also noticed the Tamaguino has been ported to Arduboy by Keyboard_Camper. After refamiliarizing myself with my Arduboy Homemade setup (blessed are the notekeepers) I have a slightly less janky version to play with.

Researching this I learned the Arduboy FX is available for pre-order. This version includes a flash memory chip that can store over 250 games. IIRC I did order some flash chips and a few Pro Micro boards with the intent of cobbling one together a flash cart for my Arduboy homemade, but getting an official version with flash and no hassle is very tempting.