When Search Engines Fail Us


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I recently saw multiple posts on different social networks complaining about Google search results and how so many SEO-leveraging pages float to the top. You may have to sift through lots results because so many ranked sites duplicate each other and are low-information generally. Both posts mentioned using Reddit search parameters, which is something I do as well. I cannot tell you how often I’ve appended site:reddit.com to any given search engine query to find subjective information (book recommendations, etc.) that isn’t just regurgitated SEO copy. Reddit’s forum-style layout makes it easy to read through discussions, whereas trying to find something on Twitter or Tumblr is a nightmare for me personally.

How do we solve this problem? I don’t know. But it reminds me of the value of maintaining curated link directories. As with many things on the internet, it seems these directories have the most value when they are highly specific and easy to navigate with a logical category progression.

The directory was updated, based on These Thoughts:

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