Solo PNP Games List

I have built over 100 PNP games for solo play. These are the games I found most fun to play and rewarding to build. I have extensive build notes and you can also check the tag. I also have a PNP Blog on Board Game Geek.

Title Developer Notes Type Difficulty Cost Review
Agent Decker Manuel Correia Deckbuilder Medium Free 20+ plays. A compelling solo deckbuilder with 5 missions to complete. I really enjoyed this one, but it can run a bit long. I usually only play one or two missions per sitting. I personally enjoy the original design but the developer has since released a less abstract retheme.
The Bogey Katharine Turner Poker Deck Easy Free The only printing is the rules. A good classic solitaire-style game using a Poker deck.
Desolate Jason Glover / Grey Gnome Games Cards Easy Paid 20+ plays. Sci-fi horror card game. I recommend the Dark Matter expansions, which add progression and extra modules for more complexity. Can be purchased through thegamecrafter.
Dungeon Bounty Aaron Camponi, Theo Peters / Noble Pig Games Poker Deck Easy Paid 20+ plays. Really enjoyable dungeon crawler using a poker deck.
Going Ashore Felbrigg Herriot Deckbuilder Medium Paid 10+ plays. WWII deckbuilder and successor to Wipers Salient. Tougher and more strategic, great game though I found a need to retheme.
Iron Helm Jason Glover / Grey Gnome Games Cards Medium Paid 10+ plays. A great solo dungeon crawler that has multiple expansion packs. This has become one of my favorite games.
Maquis Jake Staines Worker Placement Medium Free A great worker placement game with excellent art by Ilya Baranovsky. The updated retail version is also available as a free PNP game. I highly recommend, great first game-with-board project.
Micro Space Empire Robert Bartelli Cards Easy Free Micro 4X. Easy build and a lot of fun.
Paper Pinball Robin Gibson / Metal Snail Idea Workshop Roll and Write Easy Paid Cumulative 10+ plays. A series of pinball-themed roll and writes. Easy and fun, and the developer has since begun a second season. I've played Wolf Hackers and Chromastodon the most.
Silk Road Maker Aydagul Cubukcuoglu, Erhan Cubukcuoglu Tile-Laying Easy Free 10+ plays. Enjoyable basic route-building tile-laying game that is a relaxing puzzle when I want to play something but my brain is on autopilot. I like the Arcade retheme by Nick Hayes.
Wipers Salient Felbrigg Herriot Deckbuilder Easy Paid 20+ plays. An elegant, quick-playing WWI deckbuilder.

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