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Android Apps

Sometimes finding a decent, appropriately-sized app that doesn’t have invasive permissions or ads can be a little time consuming.



Print and Play Games

Some people get into PNP for the papercraft aspect, some get into it to have access to more games. I enjoy it for both reasons. See also: Solitaire PNP Game List
* All the DIY Links You Never Knew You Needed - A BGG linkpost with tons of links and information on various aspects of PNP.
* DriveThruCards - Indie card shop that also sells a number of PNP games.
* Geeklist: Kickstarters with PNP Versions Available - A community-updated Geeklist for Kickstarters with prototype or full (free or purchase) PNP versions.
* PNP Arcade - One of my favorite PNP shops. Has a wide range of free and paid PNP games organized by by player count, which is particularly useful to the solo gamer. Currently emphasises micro and card games as well as roll-and-writes.
* Print-n-Play Crafting Aggregator - Useful aggregator for the BGG monthly PNP crafting threads. A good way to look for notes on specific builds.
* Print and Play Game News - Chris Hansen’s PNP news blog. No longer actively updated but still a great source of games.
* Randomskill.Games Print & Play - PNP storefront, has some unique titles.
* Wargame Vault - Source of PNP and POD games, with more emphasis on war, skirmish, and miniature games.

Solitaire Gaming

Solitaire gaming, or playing tabletop games solo, is naturally fun for me after so many years enjoying single-player video games. See also: Tabletop Gaming, Solitaire PNP Game List.
* Geeklist: Games with Automata for Solo Play
* Geeklist: Non-Solitaire Games that have Solo Rules on BGG
* Solitaire Games on Your Table Aggregator - The SGOYT Aggregator is an invaluable resource for the solo player. Enables easy searching of all past SGOYT threads to get playnotes. I have consulted it often.
* Solitare Times - Solo board game news blog.

Tabletop Gaming

Resources for Tabletop gaming more generally, mostly useful stat apps for BoardGameGeek. See also: Solitaire Gaming, Print and Play.

Video Games

Resources for video gamers, including sites that do a wide range of reviews and useful apps. See also: Freeware List of Excellence.