Solo PNP Games List

I have built over 50 PNP games for solo play. These are the games I found most fun to play and rewarding to build. I have extensive build notes and you can also check the tag.

Title Notes Type Difficulty Cost Review
30 Rails Roll-n-Write Easy Free Solid road-builder with a number of fan expansions. Great intro to the genre.
Agent Decker Deckbuilder Medium Free A true deckbuilder with 5 missions to complete. I really enjoyed this one, but it can run a bit long. I usually only play one or two missions per sitting.
Aquaducts Micro-cardgame Easy Free City-building puzzle game. A good solo game that has gone under the radar somewhat.
The Coin Tribes Revolt: Boucida’s Rebellion Wargame Medium Free Interesting wargame I need to devote more time to.
Desolate Cards Easy Paid Sci-fi horror card game. I recommend the Dark Matter expansions, which add progression and extra modules for more complexity. Can be purchased through thegamecrafter.
Donning the Purple Strategy Difficult Paid Great game, big build! Not sure I’d build a game this size again, but I’ve enjoyed it. Free and paid PNP, and the expansion will also be available as PNP.
Helionox: The Last Sunset Deckbuilder Medium Free I really love this game with the Shadow Returns solo variant. The build is a little tricky because files are in different places. This version won’t be reprinted because there is now a deluxe edition, but you can find copies floating around.
Maquis Worker Placement Medium Free A great worker placement game with excellent art. I highly recommend.
Micropul Tile-Laying Easy Free Classic PNP tile-game.
Orchard: A 9-card Solitaire Game Micro-cardgame Easy Free Orchard is a beloved 9-card puzzle game.
Palm Island Card Medium Paid An in-hand card game of resource gathering and building. I sometimes play it in bed. I like it as an occasional puzzle. There aren’t many in-hand games available as PNP.
Paper Pinball Roll and Write Easy Paid A series of pinball-themed roll and writes. Easy and fun, and the developer has since begun a second season. I've played Wolf Hackers and Chromastodon the most.
PencilVillage Pen and Paper Easy Paid Fun village-building game.
Sprawlopolis Micro-cardgame Easy Paid Sprawlopolis is a tile-laying microgame and probably Buttonshy’s most popular. I like it well enough.
Zombie Plague Skirmish Medium Free Dudes-on-a-map zombie-style. I like the flexibility of the system and look forward to expanding it.
Silk Road Maker (Arcade Variant) Tile-Laying Easy Free Very enjoyable route-building tile-laying game.
Wars of Marcus Aurelius Wargame Medium Paid Great card-driven wargame. Not a trivial build and can be purchased built.
The Bogey Poker Deck Easy Free The only printing is the rules. A good classic solitaire-style game.
Paper Pinball Roll and Write Easy Paid RNR pinball simulation in the vein of That's Pretty Clever.
Wipers Salient Deckbuilder Easy Paid An elegant, quick-playing WWI deckbuilder.

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